Saturday, 10 October 2009

Installing Lode Runner Online: Mad Monks' Revenge

I was thinking of playing Lode Runner Online which is freely available at the developer's personal webpage. However, I've been having issues installing it. The game claims to be "Unable to find setup.exe or libraries" or something similar whenever I ran the setup.exe. Normally I don't post technical advice on games however I couldn't really find any other place posting this advice so here's my tip for solving this.

Once you've extracted the files, you should see the C:\lro_install with the subdirectory MMR containing the files. Try copying the files from MMR out into the c:\lro_install directory and then renaming the directory as C:\lro instead. In other words, all the main files should be under C:\lro . For some reason this fixes the problem and you'll be able to run the installation program via setup.exe . You may have to run it in Windows 95 Compataibility mode.

When it comes to the installation directory, don't change the defaults and ignore the systems test. You should be able to play Lode Runner Online, again you might have to run in Windows 95 compatibility mode.

By the way, I notice a number of other older games where this trick might work so give it try.

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