Saturday, 2 January 2010

Dr Blob's Organism Review

Dr Blob's Organism is a shooter with a twist. Instead of controlling a spaceship on a screen, you control lasers around a petri dish and fire inward trying to prevent a blob from escaping the petri dish. It's initially quite fun but the novelty of shooting in a petri dish wears off there really isn't enough variety in powerups, graphics or enemies to push you to play. There are freeware games with more varied gameplay.

A smooth shooter but it feels below average in some way. Recommended to try out for the funky music and novel gameplay but thankfully you no longer have to pay for it.


  1. Hi Barnabas

    Been enjoying your reviews, some really insightful comments.

    I am looking at designing a psuedo-educational game around air pollution and climate change. The concept I have developed at this stage is as follows:

    The game will be called 'Carbon Cop', the main character - Zeus - will travel the world using various carbon-neutral and alternative fuel powered modes of transport. His main vehicle will be a land yacht, which is equipped with a carbon sequestering laser.

    The aim of the game will be to zap clouds of carbon above different international locations. The more carbon you zap, the more upgrades that can be purchased for your land yacht (or you can trade the carbon for trees to increase carbon absorption etc etc).

    I would be really keen to get any feedback on the concept and would like to send you a demo version once one is available.


  2. Sam,

    Sorry I didn't see your comment (I don't really expect comments at all...) Sounds interesting, more than happy if you pop me a link. My e-mail is (remove the full stops and the 000 at the end). Hmmm is there some sort of mini-sim city gameplay to along with the arcade game? You mentioned purchasing carbon trees etc?