Sunday, 19 February 2012

Jolly Rover - Game Review

Good game and nearly all of my comments are exactly the problems raised in this article by the Adventure Gamer's review so this is more of a short game review than a game design review.

There really only two issues I have with the game that I would like to add:

Artwork palette is dull - It needs brighter colours or a more unique artstyle and direction. Any screenshot of the game just lacks punch which is unfortunately.

Spot highlighting system doesn't quite work sometimes - Highlighting hotspots is a good idea unfortunatly some of the larger items have one or more part to them so you might click on one part of it without realising you can actually click on another part of it. There aren't that many items which have this problem but it is worth mentioning because there are some items you need to interact with to advance the game.

Overall I enjoyed the game despite its short length. It's well put together and fun.

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