Sunday, 22 April 2012

Microlab Solo6C Troubleshooting

I recently purchase the Microlab Solo 6C and thought I would share some setup issues I encountered:

The speakers default setting is mute - You will have to use the controller or knob to cancel the mute.

Auxiliary input is the default rather than PC input - Most PC users will connect the RCA cables to the labelled PC input. You will need to use the remote to swap it to the PC input otherwise you will have no sound. Alternatively. you can just plug it into auxiliary output like I did so whenever you switch it on it works automatically.

Wires provided have a very fine thin layer of plastic which are covering them - When you try to attach them to the secondary/left speaker you will find that the speakers aren't working because the plastic acts as insulation. Not having installed stereo speakers before I thought I received a faulty left speaker. Fortunately my father realised the very thin layer of plastic was the problem. He took a pair of pliers and stripped it properly to expose the copper wires so now the speakers work perfectly.

From a usability/newbie perspective, a thumbs down for installation of the Microlab Solo 6C.

As for the sound quality, I actually think it's pretty good so hopefully this will get you on your way.

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