Saturday, 18 July 2009

Games to Movies - Still a bad idea

I don't know why people still try to convert games to movies. The recent announcement of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune being turned into a movie shows Hollywood has yet to learn their lesson.

The reason why games make bad movies is because they are different mediums. The major advantage of games is their interactivity; turning YOU the player into the protagonist. You decide where your warrior or (superhuman) soldier does.

In movies, there is little interaction and we are expected to passively enjoy the experience. Rarely does a character ask you what they should and viewers have no control over the characters' actions.

Coming back to Uncharted, the game puts you into the shoes of some guy trying to find some treasure. That's a fairly generic plot and one that has been seen millions of times in movies. And there have been good island action movies, average island action movies and there have been bad island action movies. There is a good chance that Uncharted will end up being an average or bad island action movie. A game is fun because it allows you to participate and decide how they deal with the various problems obstacles on the island.

Hopefully Hollywood will understand that one day. If they want to pick a game they should pick one which would make an interesting movie. Not simply because it sells well.

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