Thursday, 16 July 2009

Nethernet goes 1.0 - Becomes Freemium

Nethernet the meta-browsing game (formerly known as PMOG) has finally gone 1.0 and is now a freemium service.

Just a brief recap on how Nethernets gameplay works; as you surf the net you get datapoints which are then used to purchase tools. For example, You could purchase a portal and plant it on your favourite site pointing to another related site. Whenever another Nethernet player visits the first site, your portal will pop up inviting the Nethernet player to take it. There are a variety of tools which serve various functions including mines which serve only to annoy visitors by shaking their browser! Advanced tools such as grenades and puzzle crates now cost bacon which is purchased using real money.

On the forums, there are already players grumbling about this new pay-to-play development. It's easy to see why as many of them don't quite see the need pay for a social-browsing experience considering similar social-web services like delicious and stumbleupon are free. We'll see if this transition into freemium works for Gamelayers.

Update: Took a look at some of the free ways to get Bacon. Unfortunately it involves signing to gambling sites and to usless mobile phone text alerts. Disappointing! I was hoping they would have partnered up with a website like Trial Play or a games store.

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