Saturday, 18 April 2009

Jamendo and Super Cheap Auto

And here I thought Jamendo was to 'European' for us. Jamendo has just completed a deal with the car store Super Cheap Auto in Australia and New Zealand where their stores can now play music from Jamendo's professional catalogue. This means that Super Cheap Auto doesn't have to pay license fees to APRA-AMCOS . You can read up more about APRA here. According to APRA-AMCOS rates available on their website, it's about AU$495 a year for 5 or more devices in an area up from 150 to 499 square metres.

There are differences betwen licensing from either organisation of course. I'm not familiar with every aspect but for me the key differences are:
  • APRA maintains an exclusive right to all works by artists while Jamendo doesn't. Jamendo has a non-exclusive right to the music
  • Artists using Jamendo are using the creative commons license which means its free for private use

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