Wednesday, 1 April 2009


Recently I've been exploring the net for a good place to get free quality music and came across a really good site called Jamendo.

All music on the site is under a creative common license so it's legal to download and share.

According to Jamendo, they currently have over 17000 free music albums available and over half a million registered users. Although it's free for personal listening and sharing, if you're a business or organisation you have to pay to license it. Considering its success I'm surprised the mainstream press haven't heard more about it which is a real shame!

Although I'm not into music, I really enjoyed listening to some of the tracks I personally think that this is a very good sign of where things are heading towards and I believe that a website like Jamendo benefits both artists and users. I really do wish all the best for it.

Check it out here!

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