Monday, 20 April 2009

Reality TV - Web 2.0 style

Asiajin reports of a web blogger Rie Tomimoto that sells her time and will blog about whatever her clients want with some exceptions. Not that I know much about it but I assume she would do things like give her opinion on food or maybe visit a theme park and snap photos and report like that or maybe find out out the best

The closest thing in Western culture would be daytime talk shows or reality TV. For me being Chinese, what she is doing is very similar to a night time variety show which is an asian version of a talk show. Usually in those night time variety shows, there will be a topic or theme which they base that episode upon along with more regular segments.

This is certainly an interesting development and really is like a Web 2.0 extension of the above mentioned shows except instead of having a large production study and having to buy TV time, it's by one person. know I'd like to offer my time for hire to record and review my progress in a computer game. Any takers? It's only $25 an hour and you have to send me the computer game for review.

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